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Moorpark West Studios: Moorpark, California

Fully Approved & Entitled Project

Moorpark West Studios, the United States' largest independent movie studio, intends to break ground in 2013. When completed, Moorpark West studios will showcase 12 sound stages, studio support buildings, secured parking and class A office buildings. In order to capture a look and feel that can be found in cities and towns across the United States, the Studio/s architecture blends traditional "Main Street" architecture with classic institutional architecture as it is depicted in the design of many city halls, libraries, universities, police stations, and other public buildings across America. State of the art sound stages will have, as an option, a 20' x 30' x 12' deep pool for filming water scenes. Sound Stage clear heights will range from 35' to 45'. Dressing rooms, wardrobe/make-up rooms, multipurpose rooms, storage, work areas and support office is also available.

Class A office buildings will offer 130,000 square feet of long term lease space located on the studio lot. For the convenience of Moorpark West Studio's customers and tenants, there will be an onsite commissary with indoor/outdoor dining, a health club, spa and meeting facilties.

With a spotlight on security and technology, Moorpark West Studios will be designed to accommodate all forms of media production and processing.

Moorpark West Studios will create both short term and permanent jobs. During construction, there will be 400 to 450 construction jobs. the studio operations will create approximately 110 new permanent jobs. the studios customers will provide an average of 640 jobs per day, Monday through Friday. the office buildings will offer opportunities for 300 to 350 jobs. Moorpark West Studios will also act as a catalyst for the restaurants , retailers and other businesses, in Moorpark and in it's surrounding communities. It will provide opportunities for both job retention and expansion.


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